Download Free Office 2016 Language Packs (All Languages)

Microsoft Office 2016 comes in many different languages. You can download the Office 2016 installer setup in the language of your choice. The problem comes when you want to work in more than one language on the same system in which Office 2016 is installed. Or you want to change the primary language of your Office 2016 installation which you do not want to re-install.
Microsoft provides a way to install multiple languages within a single Office 2016 installation and choose the primary language of your choice.
There are two types of Office 2016 language packs:
  1. Language Interface Packs
  2. Language Accessory Packs
Office 2016 language packs

Language Interface Pack:

Language Interface Packs for Office 2016 are only available to Volume Licensing customers. These let you install Office 2016 in more than one language on a single computer. The system administrators can specify a language for each user for remote installation. The language interface packs can also be deployed to different user groups in an Active Directory environment.

Language Accessory Packs:

With language accessory packs (or simply language packs), user can change the Office user interface including changing the language of ribbon, menu items, commands etc. The help files can also be changed to the language of your choice. You can also change the spelling checker, grammar checker and thesaurus.
Normally single users only require Language Accessory Packs in order to change the default language of their Office 2016 installation.

Office 2016 language packs direct download links

We are providing the direct download links of all the available Office 2016 language packs. Not all the language packs may include all the features that are discussed above. Some languages may have restrictions like they may not include a spell checker etc. But most of the language packs come with full feature set. We are only providing the language packs with full support.
These language packs include the following:
  • Display in selected language
  • Help in selected language
  • Proofing tools for selected language

Installing and configuring the language packs

The above download links give you an executable file (.exe). You just need to run the file in order to install that specific language pack. Please note that you will need to be connected to the Internet in order to install any language pack. Once installed, you will need to change the language options in order for that language to take effect. Follow the steps below to configure newly installed language packs:
  1. Open any Office program and then click File –> Options –> Language.
  2. There are three different boxes to configure. The first is for selecting the Editing language. Make sure the language of your choice is enabled.
  3. The second box shows the display languages. By default, the system language is the default. You can select any other installed language and set it as Default.
  4. The third box is the Help language box. Select the language appropriately and set it as your default.
Installing and configuring the language packs

 5. Once done, click the OK button and then restart all the Office 2016 programs for the changes to take effect.

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