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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Download FeedDemon 4.5 Pro Version for Free

If you spend your time on Internet reading blogs and forums, you might be using an RSS Feed reader to get instant alert of latest articles on your favorite blog or forum. RSS Feed readers alert you automatically as soon as a new article is posted on your subscribed blog or forum.
I also use an RSS Feed reader "FeedDemon". I'm using it since many years and I also created a portable version of FeedDemon which doesn't need any installation:

FeedDemon used to come in 2 versions: Free and Pro. Free version showed advertisement in bottom-left corner of the program window. Pro version contained some extra features such as feed prefetching, content filters, themes, etc.

Now some good news and same bad news. FeedDemon development has been stopped. The program will no longer be updated. But the good news is that a new version FeedDemon 4.5 has been released which is the last version of FeedDemon and comes absolutely free with all features of FeedDemon Pro version.

So You can download the latest 4.5 version of FeedDemon free and it'll not show any advertisement and will provide all Pro version features without any cost.

Download FeedDemon 4.5 Pro Version for Free

ne thing has been removed from the latest version which is Google Reader synchronization support. Since Google Reader is going to retire on July 1, 2013, the synchronization feature will not work in FeedDemon. That's why the Google Reader synchronization feature has been removed from the program. It's also a major reason behind shut down of FeedDemon program.
Interested people can download FeedDemon Pro 4.5 version using following link:

Download FeedDemon Pro 4.5 Version for Free

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